Frequently Asked Questions

Although this changes according to the preferences of healthcare personnel, generally surgical methods, hyperbaric oxygen treatment and dermatologic medical treatment (ointment, gel, pomade, etc.) are used.

Wound care is not a separate branch and usually plastic and reconstructive surgery, general surgery, dermatology, hyperbaric medicine and anesthesia and reanimation doctors specialize in wound care.

Diabetic wounds may occur due to circulatory problems in patients with diabetes; the wound may get infected and cause diabetic foot infection. Clinical support is absolutely necessary.

The most common types of wound are pressure wounds (bed sores, decubitus), diabetic wounds and wounds on legs due to circulatory problems (arterial and venous ulcers).

Our products are Class 2b medical devices. We hold all necessary documentation such as CE, ISO 13485 and ISO 9001. Our products are registered with the Ministry of Health Medical Device Product Monitoring System and are being audited by approved bodies authorized by European Union. Additionally, all dermatological and toxicological safety tests of our products were done at internationally acclaimed universities.

W Cura series have proven success in wound care with special herbal formulation. The biggest difference between these products and other wound care products is that they assist treatment without harming the patient and live tissue; as well as being easy to administer. Anyone caring for the patient may easily administer after consulting with a doctor, unless surgical intervention is required.

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